No, I do not have a girlfriend yet…

General Ramblings

So it’s happened again. Another human being, whom I have not spoken to in forever, has thought it appropriate to approach me and ask these absurd questions. Plz don’t.


Happy, err…Sunday!

General Ramblings

So it’s apparently Valentine’s Day, and those of us who are single are all forced to pretend to be pleased that you loved up folks have big and exciting plans for the day!

Obviously I’m one of those who isn’t celebrating Valentine’s because, well, I’m single!

However please don’t talk to me about trying to find that “special someone”, because it really makes me mad! Reason being is that I’m just not interested right now. The main thing I want in life is to be happy and secure; and it’s not always a relationship that can provide that. It all starts with loving yourself first.

So happy loving yourself day, everyone!