Pizza is ruined.


All I really wanted was pizza. Like, so bad!


Day 7 – 10 Favourite Foods

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Happy week-aversiary! It’s now been 7 whole days since this blog has been officially live, and the 7th day of the 31 Day Blog Challenge.

And to celebrate my first week being here, I get to talk about my favourite thing ever – food! So below are a list of my 10 favourite foods, you know…if you ever take me out. You’ll find that I’m a pretty cheap date. 😉

  1. Pizza – any pizza. Just no fruit, olives or anchovies – they don’t belong there!
  2. Spaghetti Bolognese – probably one of the best home-cooked foods, ever. My mum makes the best.
  3. Bacon Double Cheese XL – from the Burger King menu. Make it a large, with a side of those nacho cheese bites and I’m in heaven.
  4. Big Tasty with Bacon – this one is from the McDonald’s menu. Again, it’s a large. Maybe add a double cheeseburger for good measure.
  5. Sunday Roast – classic & British. Any meat, accompanied with veg, Yorkshire pudding and drowned in gravy. It also makes a good cure when you’ve had a rough Saturday night out!
  6. Steak – cooked medium rare, served with chips, onion rings and a salad. Oh, and don’t forget the peppercorn sauce!
  7. Lasagne – another pasta-based dish, which I love! It’s just a classic.
  8. Home-made chicken nuggets – yes this does sound nuts. But I’ve recently made these based on a recipe handed to me from my mum, and I might just start making my own from now on.
  9. Butterfly Chicken – how could I write this list without a cheeky Nando’s? It’s medium Peri-Peri for me!
  10. Cake – I am just the worst for sweet treats. I will literally take any cake. Just funnel it into my open mouth.

Those are my top fave foods ever! So if you’ll excuse me, I’m just going to work my way through this list!

What foods tickle your tastebuds?

Happy eating!