No, I do not have a girlfriend yet…

So it's happened again. Another human being, whom I have not spoken to in forever, has thought it appropriate to approach me and ask these absurd questions. Plz don't. You might remember back in January the trending topic #MakeMeFeelAwkwardIn7Words. Like, even if you can't remember it: don't strain yourself trying to, it's not relevant. I don't usually... Continue Reading →


We were all adults…

...and then the Nerf guns came out. Yes, the Nerf gun has been introduced to the household; and I would strongly recommend investing in one should you ever come to visit. Honestly, if you want to survive... So how did what started out as a simple gift idea for my youngest sister develop into a... Continue Reading →

Merry Christmas!

Hello and Merry Christmas! The big day has finally arrived; and it's now time to chill out and eat and drink as much as our bodies will allow us. It's a time to spend with our families, or curl upon the sofa to watch Christmas movies. I wanted to take this opportunity to wish you... Continue Reading →

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