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You may have noticed that I’ve been away for a while. Do not worry, though – I haven’t forgotten about you! I’ll be back very soon with some awesome new content – so make sure you stick around and sign up to receive notifications of my new posts!

Think of this as a Season 2…



My Words on the Manchester Attack.

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You may have noticed that I’ve been taking a break away from my blog, and I will be back to usual service on my site again soon. I have broken the silence here to share with you my thoughts and feelings on the attack in Manchester.

Around 24 hours ago a sickening, careless attack was carried out in the heart of Manchester, UK at the end of an Ariana Grande concert. A very evil person had committed an intrusion on the joy and happiness of hundreds of innocent children, young people, mothers, fathers…families.

To carry out such an attack on innocent people who should be returning home from a concert with a euphoric sense of happiness is completely barbaric. 22 lives have been taken; but this also means that there are 22 families that won’t be saying goodnight to a loved one or 22 friendship groups that won’t be going out together ever again. It is simply tragic.

However, amidst the tragedy it has been warming to see the messages of goodwill and support for everyone that has been affected. The support from local people, businesses and emergency services has been extraordinary, and has been an example to the world that terror cannot win and community will always prevail.

My own thoughts go out to everyone who has been affected by the tragic events in Manchester, and I join many others in my grievance for the fatalities of the night.

I hope to be back up and running on my site again very soon.

Stay safe.


If I Can Hear You Munch, We Can’t Be Friends..

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First of all, I should point out that at the time of writing this post, I am recovering from a heavy night out and there’s lots of heavy breathing involved.

I initially was going to put off this post until a later date, but as recent news has reported that scientists can now understand why certain noises, such as the sound of somebody eating, can make you angry. Check out a report here.

Eating sounds really wind me up. In fact, just writing this post makes me feel both discomfort and rage! Nevertheless, I shall continue…

Slurping, chewing and heavy breathing are noises which are enough to make me leave a room to take some time to calm down. I really cannot stand them. Not thinking at the time that it was a genuine condition, I had personally never thought to look into this erm…’condition’ any further.

But there you have it. Who ever knew that other people can be triggered by something as simple as somebody eating loudly?!

Now, I’m going back to bed before last night’s alcohol intake repeats on me…


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Ready for 2017?

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Well, we are finally  on that final day of one long year! Ordinarily, my main focus for the end of year would be to attend wild and wacky parties and knock back my bodyweight in alcohol before New Year sets in; however this year feels slightly different for me (although alcohol will still be present). 

Firstly, let me apologise for my lack of content over the previous few weeks – as many of you know, those of us in retail get minimal time to enjoy the season off work! Nevertheless, let me fill you in on what I’ve been doing!

I hope that you all had a nice, peaceful Christmas. This year Christmas was very special for our family, being the very first Christmas Day for my nephew. In addition to the amazing toys and other gifts he received, it was also surprising to discover that his new favourite food is gift wrapping paper as he ate his way through every present’s outer packaging. This is going to be a kid who will never go hungry, judging by the way he eats!

I’ve also been planning some exciting new things to bring along to this blog from 2017 onwards – but for now I’m going to keep them under wraps! I can assure you, that they make me very excited and I hope you love them too!

As well as planning for the future of my site, I’ve also been reflecting on the year I’ve had here too. It’s just a little more than a year since I set this blog up to act kinda like a diary or timeline on my life. I must say that every single post and piece of writing that I have produced this year I am immensely proud of. Looking at each of them, I believe, has shown my true personality of me as an individual and that is something I fully intend to carry with me as I work further on this blog in the future.

What are my ambitions for 2017? Well, I’m not really a person who makes specific resolutions every time a new year comes around. New Year’s resolutions are usually associated with changing something about yourself that may not necessarily be appealing or are undesirable; and there’s nothing about myself that I truly dislike and want to change.

Instead I’ve created ambitions. Rather than wanting to change something, there’s things I’d like to achieve or experience in the new year. For example, I’ve never been to the Harry Potter WB Studio Tour, but really want to visit in the new year! My main goal for 2017 is to complete my course in digital marketing that I’ve been learning from over the past couple of months. There’s still some way to go, and I’m sure that I’ll rocket through it in 2017.

Of course, how will I see the New Year in? Well my mum has arranged a house party of sorts, and I will be excited to be spending the evening with family, friends, games, food and (of course) drink!

What are your plans for the New Year? Do you have resolutions, or ambitions?

However it is that you are celebrating tonight, I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that you all can achieve whatever it is you aim for in 2017!


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Remember, Remember…

General Ramblings

Finally one of my most favourite times of the year has arrived! Bonfire Night. Time to wrap up warm, head out to the local park and watch the firework displays up and down the country! For my overseas friends; who’s for a quick history lesson?