The Christmas Advert Battle!

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We have to continue talking about Christmas adverts…


The 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad is out!

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We’ve all had enough of the US Election drama, right? I’m not even going to mention it here! Let’s move onto something way more cheerful. IT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAS!

I was threatened by Artificial Intelligence!

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Roll back a few years, the movies taught us that the future will be filled with self-driving flying cars, hoverboards and robots. Well, the future seems to be coming to us quicker than we initially thought. And it has me interested…

The real winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 are…

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The Eurovision Song Contest came to a dramatic and nail-biting climax last night, with Ukraine taking the win in Stockholm, Sweden. However, I need to point out the true winners of this year’s show.

Remembering Terry Wogan…

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So earlier this week, the UK woke up to the shocking news of the loss of another national treasure: Sir Terry Wogan.

For my overseas friends, Sir Terry Wogan is considered a broadcasting legend, enjoying more than 50 years in the business. Second to this, he was essentially the face of the BBC Children In Need appeal every year since its launch in 1980.

I think it’s safe to say that this image has captured our emotions during this time.

Cheer up, Pudsey – Terry would not want that!

Rest well, Sir Terry Wogan: 1938-2016