Valentine’s Squad Date!

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Okay so Valentine’s Day wasn’t as lonely for me as I had anticipated it would be, as the squad united for an evening of food and film!

(Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers!)


My first time giving blood…

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Did you know that just one blood donation can be used to save up to 3 lives? Being the kind-hearted, selfless soul that I am I decided that I would sign up to give blood.

3 Things I Want From 2016

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Okay so we’ve just about completed our first day of the new year, and I’ve spent the day trying to fix myself from the hangover I sentenced myself to during last night’s celebrations. And those feelings of pain, and my questionable relationship with vodka now hanging in the balance, I’ve been thinking about what I would like to gain from 2016. And here goes…

Day 29 – Top Things On My Bucket List

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I’m not much of a bucket list person, but I do have a list of things that I’d like to accomplish. I use website to become inspired for ideas that I’d like to accomplish. Here’s a snapshot of what is listed…

  1. Take a picture, everyday for a whole year – This sounds like a challenge, and something that will take some thinking to make it successful. But it’ll be great to look back at how much a person can change throughout a year. I would also publish this as a photo album for myself.
  2. Do a Colour Run – What could be better than running in white clothing, only to get covered in powder and paint of every colour known?! That’s right up my street!
  3. Visit New Zealand – From the research I’ve done, it’s such a beautiful country. I’d love to go and explore fully.
  4. Visit Australia – While I’m there, I may as well visit the neighbours! I love Australia too, and really want to go spend some time in Sydney.
  5. Spend Christmas in New York – Yep, I want to live like they do in the movies and spend a Christmas in NYC, doing all the things that come along with it! Ice skating, Central Park…the lot!

Do you have a bucket list? Is there anything that you would love to accomplish?


Day 24 – A Difficult Time In My Life

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This is quite a difficult part to answer, mostly because I wouldn’t say that I’ve had many difficult times in the 22 years of my existence. However, I do have one…

Back in the summer of 2012, I lost my 2 grandmothers, from both sides of the family – they both died within a week of each other. For me and my family, this was difficult to come to terms with, and the shock was devastating. It meant that there was virtually no scope to reflect properly.

It was a very sad time for me, but I am hugely thankful for all that they have done and contributed to my life to make me the person I am today. I hope that person stays happy and is a lovely person!

RIP Grandma Smith and Grandma Kelly


Day 11 – Most Proud Moment

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Day 11! So only 20 more days left on this! First of all, apologies if you caught a peek at this post via yesterday – I must have been a bit over-excited…

So for this post, it required some thought; partly because I don’t think I am ever proud of myself! However if I have to pick a moment, it would be the first time I ever set foot on stage in my first musical performance.

When I was in High School, I was studying musical theatre and had auditioned in a role for in We Will Rock You; a musical where the songs were inspired by Queen. I was given the role of Brit, one of the supporting lead roles.

Naturally, I had always been a shy boy in school and had never really pushed myself to be noticed. Therefore stepping out onto stage in front of a theatre full of people was both the most nerve-wracking and exciting thing I had ever done!

After coming off stage at the end of the show, I knew it. The performing bug was within me. After that I auditioned for many more shows including a stage version of High School Musical (I played Ryan), and thus my confidence had grown!

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today if I hadn’t have pushed myself to perform.

Have you ever pushed yourself to do something outside your comfort zone?


Day 4 – Earliest Childhood Memory

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Day 4. We’re making progress quite quickly now! Today is about the earliest childhood memory I have; which to be honest, was quite a difficult thing to think of. However I have triumphed and have found the best memory I have from my younger days.

It goes back to my first ever holiday abroad I had. When I describe it to you now, it might sound pretty dull, but back in 1999 it was pretty cool! My grandparents were the first to take me away on holiday, and it was kinda like a caravanning trip in France. Honestly, I don’t remember where we went in France, but we were definitely there – we took a boat and everything!

When I say boat, I mean the classic hovercraft which was used as a method of transport to cross the channel. Oh, happy days! We were able to take the car too, which meant we would then drive to the site where we were staying. We stayed there for a week. I wasn’t the only one to go too! My grandparents also brought along my sister and my cousin!

We had an amazing time! There was a huge play area which was a massive pirate ship set in a sandpit – this was where we spent most of our time going into battle with the other kids and looking for hidden treasure. Climbing frames, swings, slides were all there – there was no excuse to leave this area at all, really!

Most details of the holiday seem to be a bit fuzzy now, but the one thing I do remember is having to take that banana flavoured medicine that nearly every child born in the 90s had to take for some ailment or another.

So there you have it, my earliest childhood memory ever comes down to taking drugs on my first abroad holiday ever – who’d have known?

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

See you tomorrow,