If I Can Hear You Munch, We Can’t Be Friends..

General Ramblings

First of all, I should point out that at the time of writing this post, I am recovering from a heavy night out and there’s lots of heavy breathing involved.

I initially was going to put off this post until a later date, but as recent news has reported that scientists can now understand why certain noises, such as the sound of somebody eating, can make you angry. Check out a report here.

Eating sounds really wind me up. In fact, just writing this post makes me feel both discomfort and rage! Nevertheless, I shall continue…

Slurping, chewing and heavy breathing are noises which are enough to make me leave a room to take some time to calm down. I really cannot stand them. Not thinking at the time that it was a genuine condition, I had personally never thought to look into this erm…’condition’ any further.

But there you have it. Who ever knew that other people can be triggered by something as simple as somebody eating loudly?!

Now, I’m going back to bed before last night’s alcohol intake repeats on me…


[Featured Image: Slate.com]

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