“It’s only November..”

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Why are you trying to delay Christmas? (Contains some naughty strong language)

The phrase that I’ve decided to use as my title is one I’ve heard quite regularly over the past week. I have to say, it’s also one I’ve found rather alarming.

For some reason, society seems to believe that retailers are forcing us all to think about Christmas and start preparing earlier every year. This simply is not the case! In my experience of working in retail, and from observing other retailers too, store displays and seasonal changes happen at the same time every year! In addition, I should probably mention that all of us in retail have been talking about and planning for “the dreaded C-word” since July.

Personally, I love Christmastime of year. It’s a time where the festive feels take over and you get to feel all warm and cozy in the winter weather by digging out your favourite knitwear collection and layering it all up. So is it happening all to early? Fuck no! I mean, it’s November.

I challenge you all: instead of insisting that we shouldn’t be thinking about Christmas just yet by reminding us (as if we didn’t already know) that “it’s still November”, you should be thinking more along the lines of “fuck! It’s November, and there’s still so much I have to do and I’m so excited!”

So what are your thoughts? Is it too early to think about Christmas or are you already feeling festive? Answer this poll below and leave me a comment letting me know!

“It’s still November”…PAH!


[Featured Image: zazzle.co.uk]

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