The 2016 John Lewis Christmas ad is out!

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We’ve all had enough of the US Election drama, right? I’m not even going to mention it here! Let’s move onto something way more cheerful. IT’S CHRIIIISTMAAAS!

Christmas in the UK has a weird an wonderful tradition that’s all centred around advertising. It’s clearly no secret that the festive season is an important time for retailers and businesses who are all keen to achieve as many sales as possible. But there’s something special that all British people seem to love; and that’s the adverts that come along with it!

I’ve spoken a lot before about how crucial these ads are, but also how magical they are to the consumer: i.e. us!


Whilst many of us have been waiting for that catchy Coca-Cola  “Holidays are Coming” tune to come chugging back into our lives (its the first sign of Christmas here…don’t knock it!), the other highlight of our Christmas television has been released!

Are you ready?

Behold…..Buster the Boxer!


John Lewis has an incredible talent year after year for taking that Christmassy magic and using it to really create an emotional connection with us; basically turning us all into babies everytime it comes onto our TV screens.

This time around it looks like they’ve gone for something mildly different, whilst still keeping in the classic style of John Lewis storytelling. It is almost as if that, rather than make us cry, they want to make us all laugh. I mean, it’s a completely ludicrous idea…trampolining wildlife?! Just imagine that meeting…go on, picture the bosses of John Lewis talking about that right now.

However, as silly as it sounds, it’s a brilliant ad. I cannot wait for the season to properly come into swing and see all of the other Christmas campaigns fight for best ad of 2016 (if there is such a title).

Have a happy day!


Holidays are coming, holidays are coming, holidays are coming…

[Featured Image: John Lewis]

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