Post-Holiday Blues

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So after the most amazing two weeks of time off, it’s time to return back to reality and the daily grind.

Yes, over the past two weeks I have forgotten I even work! As you all know I spent a week away in Woolacombe, where I fell in love. It has the most amazing views and everything about it is so nice. The only thing I couldn’t get used to was the fact there was literally no phone service, which meant that I couldn’t tweet until I found an establishment which offered free wifi! Also, everywhere seemed to close really early than I’m used to – HOW?! Maybe they’re just so chill in these seaside places that they have down the perfect balance of work/life. Still, the place was stunning.


Is it even possible to fall in love with a place?

Since returning back, I’ve had some definite post-holiday blues. The time I had in Woolacombe was so relaxed and enjoyable that every single detail made me want to stay there! I’m even planning my next possible trip back!

Fast forward another couple of weeks and here I am; at the end of my first week of returning to work, wondering where all the time went. It’s funny how almost as soon as I walked into work on Monday morning, it was almost like I had never been away! Though it hasn’t even been the most difficult of weeks, which I find really strange – the first week back to work is always supposed to be the hardest or the worst. That just hasn’t been the case! Maybe being in Woolacombe has made me that chill that I barely notice the stress?

If Woolacombe is the cure of stress, then I’ll become a regular there.


Do you have a favourite holiday/vacation place? Do you prefer going abroad, or is a staycation more your thing? Let me know in the comments below!

[Featured Image: Rhys Kelly]

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