This blog is 1!

31 Day Blog Challenge, General Ramblings

That’s right – this blog turns 1 today. I’ve taken a day from my break to bring you this special post to celebrate the first year of this blog!

Yes, I’m still away enjoying the southwest coast of England; and I am writing this as the sun is rising above the beautiful  Woolacombe countryside, overlooking the sea. This really does feel like the recharge of the batteries that I have been looking for – the only downside is that I can’t seem to get phone service anywhere!!


My actual view, taken from my iPhone.

Just a year ago I decided to kick this blog off with the 31 Day Blog Challenge. This was a prime opportunity for me to introduce myself to you guys; and I’m very humbled that many of you have come back again and again over the past year. Shows that I must be doing something right, right?

Don’t forget, you can always scroll down to the bottom of the page to take a look through the archives of the posts I write here. The archives will always be available so you can take a walk through the past anytime you like!

As I say, I can’t seem to get phone service anywhere here in Woolacombe, but I will hopefully be tweeting a few messages throughout the day, which you can catch. And don’t forget that you can always leave me a comment below or use #RhysaphineAt1

Finally I would just like to thank you for your subscribes, views and the time you’ve spent on my site. It is something I have worked to keep going over the past year – and hopefully a few more years yet to come! If you haven’t yet subscribed, or have only just stumbled across my site – please do subscribe or follow my blog to get updated each time I create a new post!

Here’s to another year…



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