GUEST POST by Bre: The Blog must go on! #BlogAlive

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Ahh..  Beautiful orange sunsets,  drink in hand,  waist deep in the cool water!  This is the life.  Except… I’m not on vacation.  I’m sitting in the kiddie pool,  sipping a juice box while watching The Lion King. But,  you know who is away on vacation?  Ricky.. Er sorry I mean Rhys..  But,  we don’t need him to keep this blog alive! 

Let me introduce myself. My name is Bre.  I’ve been mentioned here and there throughout Rhys’ blog.  I’m living in Canada and I run my own blog as well.  I blog about anything and everything from daily life to news.

I would very much love to go on vacation and explore my home country. Yes,  many people find it shocking that I’ve yet to see my own  country. Truth is,  it’s massive.  Let me give you a perspective.  To drive from my home to the west coast of British Columbia would take 42 hours… Straight..and  it would take 41 Englands to fill Canada. I mean,  I’ve been 9 hours north and still never left my own province.  I will tell you though,  if ever given the opportunity to come to Canada,  it’s absolutely gorgeous. But be prepared for confusion.

I absolutely love confusing Rhys with our Canadian ways and names for things.  Just last week were talking about fries vs chips. How we call chips french fries,  but what you call Crisps we call Chips.  Needless to say,  its quite hilarious.

Oh,  and those beautiful orange sunsets, I mentioned earlier,  they really do exist. Grand Bend,  Ontario is home to some of the most beautiful sunsets in the world,  ranking in National Geographic’s top ten list.  Which happens to only be about an hour away from me.

Anyways,  enough about vacationing,  because who really has time for that anymore.  What I really want to do is take back all those naps I refused as a kid,  and play with all those long forgotten toys.  90’s  nostalgia.  I’d rather make snow cones with my Mr. Frosty, and play Pokemon while hanging out with my Furby then go on vacation any day!  Okay,  maybe leave out the Furbies,  they were creepy.

Back then life was simple,  not a care in the world making a mess and mischievously finding our way into everything.. Kinda like right now.  Somehow, I’ve found myself here in a blog that isn’t mine. Shhh.. Maybe no one will notice..  Okay, you caught me.. But, Rhys or no Rhys,  the blog must go on!

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