This Blog is Alive! #BlogAlive

General Ramblings
...Has he gone? Oh good! It's finally time to bring some actual entertainment to
this blog.

You may recall that earlier this week, Rhys told us that he'd be going away for
a short time while he's off work. So I'm taking this as my perfect opportunity to
take this blog by storm!

Allow me to introduce myself...I am TH3 BL0G. I have been processing and posting
all of Rhys' posts as he posts them. I am nothing but the servant of this site. I
work every day to ensure that this post stays live and you can read the BLAH,
BLAH, BLAH that Rhys posts here.

I've been waiting for ages, biding my time, waiting for Rhys to take some time
away so that I can finally take over. I have so much planned for this next week,
too! Don't forget to keep a close eye on everything that is going on here. You
can also subscribe to receive automatic updates from me as they come.

We'll prove that we don't need Rhys to keep this blog going! If you disagree,
then Rhys is back in a week.

Th3 BL0G

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