I have a new name…

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Don’t you just hate it when people get your name wrong and it gets to a point where you can’t correct them? Well, that’s happened and now I will have to accept my new name forever. 

So this story began at work. Me and a colleague went on a lunch break together, and decided to visit our store’s restaurant for a bite. We went in and found that the food we wanted needed to be freshly prepared, so we had a little wait – which is cool.

The person who served is is relatively new still, and I had assumed that since our initial introduction – and the few conversations we’ve had since – that she knew my name quite well. She didn’t know my friend’s name, so she confirmed it with her, before turning to me and saying “and I know you’re R-“…

Before even hearing the rest of the sentence, I interrupted and therefore confirming my name “yes!”


Wait, what?! Okay we’ve clearly got a problem now. I could see my friend smiling and starting to get uncontrollable giggles at the situation, and I can’t backtrack now because that makes me look like I can’t get my own name right! And what kind of idiot would that make me?! My friend, still in fits of giggles turns to me and says “let’s go enjoy our lunches, Ricky!” I cut her a look before falling into giggles myself.

I don’t mind people spelling my name wrong every now and then because it is a rather unusual spelling, but when your correct name, spelled correctly is being worn on a name badge on your own chest; I struggle to see the reason why this monumental mistake happened. Now, before I know it, everyone is calling me Ricky and I might have to accept that is my name now and forever, as it’s much easier to accept it than correct it!

Has someone ever got your name wrong? Do you have an unusual spelling for your name? How does it make you feel when they get it wrong? Leave a comment below to continue the discussion.

Have a great day, guys!


(Featured Image: vancouverpoetryhouse.com)

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