5 Reasons why I (probably) won’t be a successful YouTuber…

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So my love of YouTube and the stars of the web have caught my eye again lately. We are in an age now where you can become an international star simply by sitting at home talking to a camera, and sharing it on the web. In fact, our YouTube stars now are up in high rankings alongside the likes of top music artists, sports people or even the Kardashians! It’s all because the guys and girls who produce these entertaining clips for our on-demand viewing are so relatable to their viewers, with such a big reach made available to them through the YouTube service and it’s all relatively cheap to create and maintain whilst the quality continues to increase.

Three content creators I do enjoy the video products of include Evan Edinger, Dodie Clark (doddleoddle) and Jon Cozart (Paint). Check out the links to find out how amazing these three are, and feel free to give them a subscribe…but make sure you’ve subscribed to me first, of course!! (#NotSpon!) Although I have recently come to love these three producers and have previously thought about joining them in the world of YouTube, there are a couple of reasons why I don’t think I would be able to make it, which are listed in this very post, so please read on…

1. The YouTube ‘formula’ is difficult to crack…

There always seems to be a proper way with going about being a YouTube content creator. In order to capture your viewers’ attention, you need the right content and it needs to be something that will appeal to them. There’s no point in talking about the new PokemonGO game, when your audience probably hasn’t ever seen Pokemon. Even if you do manage to create content that does capture their attention, you need to ensure that they will come back to you by subscribing. The YouTube famous group are mostly judged on how many subscribers they have, and the amount of views their videos get.

Also, the process is so long! To sit and come up with your ideas, to filming, to editing all before anyone else can see it! It is also in this respect that having a blog is the same. From an idea, to writing, to editing and then posting – all whilst keeping the content in line with your ‘brand’ – is the similar kind of process I go through when creating the stuff you read here.

2. The equipment don’t come cheap!

To even appear successful/like your worth watching, you need the right equipment. This stuff is definitely not cheap either. The YouTube content is ever increasing in quality of both the content, and the visual too. Most of the videos you see on YouTube are filmed using a fancy camera of some sort, and probably would set you back around £400-£500. You might even need an additional microphone to increase the sound quality

But it’s no good having the camera unless you have a decent computer/laptop to upload your video to. Even once you have the computer, you need the right software to edit your video in. Despite appearing almost seamless, there’s probably a fair bit of editing involved in the clips you watch!

With blogging, I don’t need loads of fancy equipment and stuff. It can be just me, sat with my laptop and an idea in my head. All I need to do is just type. Even if I’m not at home and I want to check into my blog or I have an idea for a new post, I don’t even need to have my laptop with me – I can simply use the WordPress app! I can literally manage this site from anywhere.

3. My brain needs more ideas!

Honestly, some weeks I struggle to come up with ideas just to post here! Therefore having the brain capacity to try and think of something that you can both look at and hear is probably out of my range right now. Plus with many YouTubers gaining ideas and an income from producing sponsored videos, it does raise a question as to whether or not the channel creators themselves may struggle at times too.

Although interestingly the actual visual element to many YouTube vids aren’t that interesting – it’s literally just the person speaking to the camera. That part, in a way is also similar to what I do. I like to write in the way in which I talk, and hopefully that ensures that my posts read well enough for others to understand. Although if it didn’t read well, you might not have made it this far through the post!

4. My friends would probably think I’m weird…

In the last point I explained that many YouTube vlogs are literally just the person talking into a camera. That, for me at least, would feel like a very strange concept at first – although I would probably get used to it as time goes by. However I don’t know if my friends would like I’m normal if they knew that I was sat in a room, alone, talking to a camera. Would they understand? Probably not at first.

But yet again, I can draw similarity from the vlogger’s world into my little blogging bubble. I’m not physically talking to a camera, but I’m addressing you…yes, YOU through written text, which is essentially the same – you just can’t see me!

5. My face…

Seriously, I wake up some days and I look in the mirror and I’m ugly AF. For many YouTube stars, they always seem to appear camera ready. I don’t know if they have to spend hours trying to perfect their look before filming, but I don’t think I’d have the patience or time! Yes not all personalities on YouTube are necessarily neat or pristine, but they’re all ready for the camera and suit their style whereas I would just look like I woke up late after a heavy night. You’ve heard the phrase “face for radio”? That’s me!

Of course, none of these rule out the possibility of me taking a little dabble in the world of YouTube for my own creative purposes – I just don’t think I would become an internet sensation!

Are there any YouTube stars that you’re a fan of? Do you watch a particular type of video? Shoot a comment down below and let me know!

Don’t forget, of course that you can subscribe to my posts and get a little email notification every time a new update lands!

Have a great week!


(Featured Image: Fortune.com)

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons why I (probably) won’t be a successful YouTuber…

  1. Awh rhys haha. I’d watch you on youtube lol.. It would be similar to periscope but without an immediate audience. And your not ugly! Lol. I don’t think becoming a high grossing youtuber would be easy. My oldest wants to be one haha. I really enjoy watching Cian Twomey and Joe Santagato. They are funny 🙂

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  2. I recently got into YouTube (thanks to Jon :D) and for a while I considered making my own videos. I have a few vlogs up from trips but for the reasons you’ve listed, I’ve kinda gone off the idea. I’m even struggling with my blog but I think a revamp of my “brand” might help with that (I’m still struggling to find what I want to write about).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Oh it’s great that you have already dipped a toe in the waters of vlogs from your travels! With your blog you can take some trial and error to find out what you enjoy writing about and then focus your brand on that! I’ve read through some of your stuff and I really enjoy what I’ve read so far! You’ll find your brand soon. 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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