Saying goodbye is hard…

General Ramblings

Sometimes it can be hard saying goodbye to people, especially someone who you have just clicked with.

Going to work can, on occasions, be the most stressful thing you do; and its those very stressful days that you need to turn to the people that you’ve connected with to pull you through! They are the ones that on a bad day, you can just make eye contact with to know that come lunch time, you’re hitting the cake shop.

It was over this weekend that I realised that people leaving work is sad, as I said a goodbye to someone who’ve I’ve really been enjoying working with over the past 6(ish) months. Of course you want those that you like to do well in life; so whilst it makes you happy to hear that they’re moving onto better things. However you know that ‘the norm’ will be challenged and you will need to find yourself someone else to keep you from throwing a computer at the wall.

Shoot a comment below if you’ve had to say a bittersweet goodbye!



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