Is Big Brother right to remove Christopher Biggins?


ICYMI, Christopher Biggins has been removed from the Celebrity Big Brother house; whilst a violent Stephen Bear has only been given a final warning for his behaviour. But is Big Brother’s verdict a fair one?

Upon the removal of Biggins, Big Brother said in a statement posted on its Channel 5 website that “since entering Big Brother, [Christopher Biggins] has made a number of comments capable of causing great offence to housemates and the viewing public. Big Brother does not tolerate offensive language capable of causing widespread offence.” Supporting this, Emma Willis briefly mentioned during Friday night’s live eviction show that Biggins had been removed, and that more details could be found on the website, and will be included in Saturday night’s highlights show.

Meanwhile, notably the most destructive celebrity housemate this year, Stephen Bear, has remained in the house despite his repeated aggressive and violent behaviour towards other housemates, Big Brother and the house itself. In Thursday’s show, Bear was called to the Diary Room after a falling out with numerous other housemates, violating their personal space and then throwing an object across the garden, breaking a mirror which production crew were stood behind. During the grilling Big Brother gave Bear, he was reminded that his behaviour was dangerous to other housemates and crew, which Big Brother deemed unacceptable. He was also reminded that his behaviour and language could cause offence to the public and other housemates too. He was removed from the main house and spent the evening in the spare room, and was allowed to return the following morning.

Personally, I don’t feel that the decision to remove Mr Biggins was a good one. In fact, I think it was a terrible decision. Now I must say that I do not work on the Big Brother production, nor do I have access to the secure Big Brother compound, and the basis of my opinions stem from what I have viewed on the TV programme or online through the official Big Brother communications.

Actions speak louder than words. Big Brother said that Biggins had made comments that could cause offence, yet he’s not physically causing a danger to other housemates or people who work on the production. Bear, however, has been unpredictable with his actions and has shown that his temper can quickly spiral out of control, to the point where he’s caused actual physical damage to the Big Brother property. Could this behaviour also mean he’s capable of causing physical damage to people whilst on the show? Especially, when Big Brother referenced that he has been spoken to on numerous occasions regarding how he behaves. It’s just such a relief that he’s been cursed by being nominated for eviction every week for the remainder of his time in the house.


Bear realises that CBB’s security is a giant. (Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother)

If Big Brother was concerned about causing offence; language can be edited out, damage to people can’t.

You can catch up with what happened and the events of Biggins’ departure on the Big Brother highlights show at 9pm tonight on Channel 5.

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(Featured Image: Channel 5/Celebrity Big Brother)

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