This blog is 1!

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That’s right – this blog turns 1 today. I’ve taken a day from my break to bring you this special post to celebrate the first year of this blog!


GUEST POST by Bre: The Blog must go on! #BlogAlive

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Ahh..  Beautiful orange sunsets,  drink in hand,  waist deep in the cool water!  This is the life.  Except… I’m not on vacation.  I’m sitting in the kiddie pool,  sipping a juice box while watching The Lion King. But,  you know who is away on vacation?  Ricky.. Er sorry I mean Rhys..  But,  we don’t need him to keep this blog alive! 

5 Reasons why I (probably) won’t be a successful YouTuber…

General Ramblings

So my love of YouTube and the stars of the web have caught my eye again lately. We are in an age now where you can become an international star simply by sitting at home talking to a camera, and sharing it on the web. In fact, our YouTube stars now are up in high rankings alongside the likes of top music artists, sports people or even the Kardashians! It’s all because the guys and girls who produce these entertaining clips for our on-demand viewing are so relatable to their viewers, with such a big reach made available to them through the YouTube service and it’s all relatively cheap to create and maintain whilst the quality continues to increase.

Three content creators I do enjoy the video products of include Evan Edinger, Dodie Clark (doddleoddle) and Jon Cozart (Paint). Check out the links to find out how amazing these three are, and feel free to give them a subscribe…but make sure you’ve subscribed to me first, of course!! (#NotSpon!) Although I have recently come to love these three producers and have previously thought about joining them in the world of YouTube, there are a couple of reasons why I don’t think I would be able to make it, which are listed in this very post, so please read on…