When politics engages the world…and none of us have a clue what we’re talking about.

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As we all know, no matter where you are, it’s pretty fucking impossible to escape British politics right now. If you’re lucky enough to have not heard, the UK decided last week in a referendum vote to leave the European Union, or the EU. It’s fair to say that interest has spiked worldwide.

Yes markets came crashing down, the British Pound collapsed to a 31 year low and the British Prime Minister, David Cameron – the guy who decided to call this referendum – has resigned following the result; but that’s not where the news ends! Leave campaigners, who presumably are just as shocked that the country decided to leave, are now being very vague about their promises of what would happen if Britain voted leave.


Leave campaign bus (Source: The Guardian)

If you were following any of the news stories or campaigns in the UK, you will most likely remember this most prominent part of the Leave campaign: their bright red bus which toured the country telling the public that £50 million of taxpayers money is sent to the EU every day (or £350 million a month), advising that money would be better used to “fund our NHS instead”. The very morning after the polls closed, prominent backer to leave the EU and leader of the UK Independence Party (UKIP), Nigel Farage, had said that that money is not actually guaranteed to be used on the NHS and that this claim may have been “a mistake”, which left many ‘Brexit-ers’ feeling a bit of ‘Bregret’.

But this is not the part that took my interest, it was all the stuff that happened online! Not surprisingly at all, the search engine god of the world, Google, had reported that interest in the British EU referendum had taken up worldwide. Many even had questions for the almighty Google, including:

  • “What is ‘Brexit’?”
  • “Why does the UK want to leave the EU?”
  • “How would a Brexit affect Poles?”
  • “How do you say ‘Brexit’ in English?”
Source: Google

So understandably, all important questions from outside nations. The uncertainty of the referendum had also triggered some concerns for the British people too! Here are the top trending searches from the UK after the polls had closed in the UK:

“What does it mean to leave the EU?”

“What will happen now we’ve left the EU?”

“Who will replace David Cameron?”

Source: Google

All pretty idiotic questions; but check out my personal favourite trending search…

“What is the EU?”

Source: Google

HOLY FUCKING SHITBALLS! This is clearly not good! Is Thursday night after the polling stations are closed really the time to be asking these kinds of questions?!

With trending searches like these, you can probably agree that is pretty worrying; and you’re probably wondering why the UK was even allowed to vote in a referendum to decide the country’s membership of the European Union. Honestly, I’m wondering that too…


(Featured Image Source: timeshighereducation.com)

2 thoughts on “When politics engages the world…and none of us have a clue what we’re talking about.

  1. How do you say Brexit?. Really thats not a hard word lmao!. I enjoy your updates on this. They were talking about it on the radio this morning and the one host is British, they brought up Ireland and all he said was, thanks for ruining my day! Haha

    Liked by 1 person

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