I’m going to stay silent on the matter…

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Okay, so Britain has backed a surprise “Brexit”, with the electorate voting Leave by 52% over a 48% Remain; and it is clear that young people in particular feel robbed of their future as a larger percentage of older voters voted for a leave, suspected to be chasing the long lost former glory that the UK once had in pre-EU life.

This will most likely be my only post on the matter, as I did not create this blog to splash my political views everywhere…and frankly, it’s boring! My own personal opinion of the result is that it is a mistake that Britain will leave the European Union.

I believe that independence from the EU will result in instability for the UK, with virtually nobody to turn to for support. It will result in new trade agreements needing to be made, which will likely have cost implications to our pockets and drive up the cost of living. It will be harder for the movement of people, and it is uncertain right now how that will affect holidaying to Europe – the most popular collection of destinations that Brits enjoy travelling to every summer.

In the immediate effects of the result, we saw the GBP£ collapse under every major currency in the world, meaning there’s probably been a better time to buy your Euros for that holiday this summer. Although the strength of the pound will most likely be expected to steady over the coming months as plans will (I assume) come together to secure Britain’s future.

My closing statement on the matter is this: the result is now in, and we must accept that the opinions of those to voted has been acknowledged. It just turned out that the vote to leave won; and although for many that may not be desirable, it is something we all must deal with and work through to secure the best possible futures and prospects we can. For all those who couldn’t vote and wished to remain: I can only apologise and say that we tried our best.

Now let’s quit being negative and try to look onto better things…or at least try to find something on the internet to make us laugh day-by-day, yeah?




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