The real winners of the Eurovision Song Contest 2016 are…

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The Eurovision Song Contest came to a dramatic and nail-biting climax last night, with Ukraine taking the win in Stockholm, Sweden. However, I need to point out the true winners of this year’s show.


First and foremost, a huge congratulations go to Ukraine and Jamala on the surprising win of entry song ‘1944’. Ukraine managed to take victory in the new voting format, with the ‘popular vote’, just snatching the win away from the juries’ favourite, Australia.

ICYMI, the way the results are announced had changed this year. Until this year, the results from the public televotes were combined with the results from each country’s expert jury to give one result. From this year, the format had changed to make the voting more exciting, and leaving the winning result until the very last minute.

Now the jury vote is announced in the way it always has been. Each country’s spokesperson announces the jury points awarded. This is the lengthy part of the show. Then once that was complete, the amount of points that were awarded to countries through the public audience televoting were added together and announced as the total points to be awarded. These were announced in reverse order starting with the country who received the lowest number of votes, and then working up. This meant that the actual winner would not be announced until last. This new process worked really well and was all very tense. It turned out that favourites Russia and Australia could not match up to Ukraine, who turned out to be more popular with the audience.

You can take a look at the winning performance here.

The Hosts

In case you haven’t been paying any attention all week to the hosts of the show this year, then I must introduce you to Måns Zelmerlöw and Petra Mede.


This is a duo who are no strangers to Eurovision. Mede hosted the ESC back in 2013, and presented Eurovision’s Greatest Hits alongside British Eurovision veteran, Graham Norton. Måns took part in the Eurovision national selection for the contest in 2007, and in 2015 he had earned the right to represent his country, Sweden; where the then went on to win the contest with ‘Heroes’.

The pair have won over the hearts of all of Europe with their comical, light hearted approach to their hosting. Just take a look at how they opened the second semi-final by attempting to explain Eurovision to any newcomers.

Don’t even try to deny it – you’ll be singing this for days.

In the grand final on Saturday night, the famous interval act was staged by our beloved presenters for the week. What did they do? They looked over the last sixty (three) winners of the contest and tried to work out if there was a set surefire way to ensure you win the ESC!

Then, of course, we all know what happened next..Ukraine going on to win this years contest!

But we were also left wanting Måns and Petra to host every year…or was that just me?

This is my-urovision, and his-urovision, and her-urovision, and Eurovision!

We’ll see you in Kiev next year, Eurovision!


Missed Eurovision? Relive the moment…

Semi-Final 1

Semi-Final 2

Grand Final


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