Brussels Terror Attacks


This morning, the Belgian capital of Brussels was subject to two coordinated terror attacks, with explosions taking place at Brussels airport and at a central metro station.

More than 30 people are believed to have been killed, and many are injured in the attacks which militants of Islamic State later claimed responsibility. Just days ago a key “fugitive” behind the Paris attacks in last November, Salah Abdeslam, had been captured by Belgian authorities.

As a result, the city is now on lockdown. People were advised to remain indoors. The metro system has been closed, and all flights out of Brussels have been cancelled. Many incoming flights were redirected.


Brussels airport, the blast smashes the glass frontage of the building.


Passengers and staff evacuating Brussels airport, fearing their safety.


I just wanted to take a moment, and a small piece of my blog, to write out and share my deepest condolences and sympathies with all of those who have been affected in any way by the acts of terrorism that has been carried out in the capital today.

Once again, we have seen the world unite to stand by Brussels as the latest city to suffer. We have witnessed the images of people running for their lives, of people who have lost their lives, and people whose lives have been torn apart due to the destruction of a loved one.


As we rush to support Brussels, people remember the Paris attacks last December.

We hope, and encourage Brussels to make a full recovery very soon. People should not have to fear due to acts of war and terrorism in 2016, so why is it happening?

  • There is full coverage available at the BBC News website here.
  • Alternatively, I have been following the story as best as I can, you can either catch up with the story on my Twitter, or tweet me any other information by using @Rhysaphine. Don’t forget to include #BrusselsAttacks.

Stay safe, Brussels.



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