#DiscussionTuesday: Your Invite

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So let’s try this thing two-way. As some of you may already, I was once upon a time a frequent user of the live broadcasting app, Periscope. And until recently, I have been off it for a while. Until now. I want to become a regular to the app again, and I plan to do this frequently. Starting tonight!

Therefore, I would like to invite you to #DiscussionTuesday. Each week, I will have a new topic to discuss and I want to hear your opinions! And don’t worry if you miss out on anything, I will post all the links and content in a shiny new page which will feature on this site.

Tonight I will kick off the proceedings at 9pm GMT. If you would like to be a part of the discussion, download Periscope which is available on Android or iOS on their respective app stores.

New statistics revealed today show that one in seven Brits would say that babies and toddlers should not be allowed on planes. So we will discuss if airlines should bring in a ‘baby ban’?

Let’s discuss, tonight at 9pm GMT.


Join in #DiscussionTuesday by downloading Periscope from your smartphone’s app store. Available on iOS and Android.

Follow Rhysaphine in Periscope to get notified each week.

(Featured Image: Icxm.net)


A link to the new #DiscussionTuesday page has been added into the blog content text, or can be found here.


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