Pizza is ruined.


All I really wanted was pizza. Like, so bad!

So in case you didn’t know before, pizza is literally my favourite food….ever! There are no words that can describe my feelings for this beautiful creation that the Italian angels gave us.

So after finishing a late shift from work, all I really wanted was pizza. Unfortunately for me, it’s a week till pay day and I just don’t have the money to order a pizza!

Don't you hate it when your broke, but you still want pizza🍕

Genuinely, it’s heart-breaking.

So instead, I decided to put myself through the torture of Googling pictures of the delicious delicacy, wanting pizza even more and making myself even more hungry. As I began running out of pictures to ogle over, I had a thought!

Hey, #FoodPorn is a cute thing online, and there’s always delicious things to look at on that…I wonder if there’s the same kinda thing for pizza…

Are pansexuals people who get turned on by deep pan pizza?


Yes, I can now hear you screaming “don’t do it, Rhys!” It was at this point I realised that I’m pretty naïve. ‘Pizza porn’ is apparently an actual thing, and it’s not what I ever thought it would be. I feel like this trauma has ruined pizza for me for some time.

Note guys, I do strongly advise that you don’t go Googling this, especially if you’re under 18! Also, NSFW…obviously!

I don’t think I’ll ever be able to look at a pizza box in the same way again.



I had to amend some poor grammar. A previous version stated “There is no words” to describe them pizza feels. This has now been changed. Bad Rhys…

Also a previous version claimed that “pizza is my food”. As much as I would like all the pizza to be mine, it’s not possible. It also proves that a proof-read every now and then wouldn’t go amiss.


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