Celebrating one year of friendship with someone I’ve never met!

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So today happens to be Internet Friends Day, so I’ve decided hold this post off until today. That is because it has been pointed out to me that it has been a whole year since I started talking to someone who I’ve become good friends with…all online!

So during the early springtime last year, I downloaded a relatively new app called Periscope. Very few people were using it at the time, and I immediately got to seeing who was about, and what kind of things they get up to. Therefore one of the first people was a chap from Norfolk called Mick. After seeing the stuff that he and many others get up to on the broadcasting app, I decided that I would give it a go!

So most days, I was broadcasting almost every detail of my life. It gained me some followers, who regularly tuned into my broadcasts. These people I got to know well through the app, and I followed many of these people back to see what they got up to in their everyday lives. From doing this, there was one particular person I got to know very well: my pal of 1 year now, and recent blogger, Breanne!

She was regularly visiting my broadcasts, and became a solid part of what we dubbed as the ‘Perifam’. I learned over time that she lives in Canada (which obviously is quite a way away from me here in the UK!). We started using Snapchat to communicate. We would use Snapchat daily to catch up on the days events with each other, and after some time, we decided to make contact via Facebook.

Now I must admit that at first I was a little hesitant to add Breanne onto my Facebook contacts, as I never add people I have never met or don’t really know. I mean, for all I knew she might be a serial killer! She might not even be a girl – for all I knew she could be a hairy lorry driver from Brighton! (Sorry, Breanne – being at the time, I had to be careful taking risks!)

Thankfully for me, I’m still alive! And since becoming Facebook friends we have been talking almost every day! Usually we talk right up until I fall asleep – damn that time difference! Our conversations vary each and every day, and from the talks we’ve already had I’ve come to discover that there’s nearly no topic off limits! Seriously, I don’t think I’d be able to post some of our conversations here…

However the think I’ve enjoyed most from our chats are the differences that I’ve discovered between what we do here in the UK, and what our fellow Canadians do. Like, just this month Breanne was surprised to hear the differences about the type of pancakes that she’s used to eating, against the crepe type of pancakes that are standard to us here in the UK! This lead to a discussion about other foods, like what we call French toast!

Above all other things, I think it’s great that I’ve got to know someone as great as Breanne! And she’s someone who I can now consider a friend!

Like I said earlier in this post, Breanne has recently become a blogger herself and you can find and read her blog right here.

Shame about the time difference, eh?



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