Friends: Why You So Expensive?

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So we all have friends….right? As much as it may come as a surprise to some, I also have friends! I love having friends – aren’t they great?! But since when did maintaining a social life become so bloody expensive?!

So over the past couple of weeks I’ve been privileged enough to have a fully booked diary, thanks to the blessing of friends. Being constantly busy is something I crave as I am very easily bored. Boredom leads to neediness, and nobody wants that! In fact, we’ve even made plans for this very week!

However, I have an issue with having friends as a young adult; and that is that maintaining a healthy relationship with my friends has become an expensive habit and I can’t stop it! Like, remember when you had friends as kids and you’d go out and knock about in the streets or a park after school? Well this is literally the opposite!

It’s not like I don’t want to participate in these plans, but having to afford bills, rent and essentials for life are difficult single-handed! Also, I don’t enjoy having to cancel on plans to go to a meal, followed by movie, then an added night on the town!


Please friends, can we just go back to the old days? My bank account is depressing me!



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