The Great Pizza Divide!

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Okay, so we all love pizza! If you aren’t a lover of pizza, then who the hell are you and what are you doing in this post?


I mean, just look at it!

And one of the best things about pizza, you can even continue the joy the very next day, if you still have leftovers! However, there’s been something that’s been sitting on my mind.

How do people like their leftover pizza the next day?!

Some like to warm it back up, to get that fresh takeaway effect all over again; while some others like to push the norm aside and eat it cold!

Also, what is your favourite pizza? Do you have a favourite pizza delivery place? Shoot me a comment in the comments below! And don’t forget you can get everyone else involved in this debate too! Just share, share, share the love!

Peace out, friends!


Is anyone else hungry now?

(Featured Image: The Big Slice, Springfield)

Post Revision:

I have corrected a typo in the poll on a previous version of this post. The results of the poll are unaffected.


One thought on “The Great Pizza Divide!

  1. I wouldn’t say hot. But just a little warm lol. But we rarely have left overs haha. And i absolutely love Domino’s pizza. But, my apartment is connected to a local small pizza shop that we order from often. Livin the dream


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