Plug, plug, plug!

General Ramblings

Yes, I’ve been a bit quiet this past week or two – I’m sorry!

However it’s come to my attention that my wonderful overseas Canadian chum threw in a cheeky little plug and link to my profile in a post on her blog. Please head over there and check her out (plug4plug, amirite Bre?!)

But for any of you who have decided to pay me a visit as a result of one of her posts, I welcome you to my page! As she has mentioned, I’ve been doing a little bit of work to make this place ready for you with a snazzy new revamp. Also feel free to follow me on my Twitter or Instagram profiles to keep more or less updated with other sorts of happenings in my life!

Just to keep you all clued up, I’m working on my next blogging challenge to complete, so do keep an eye out as I will be posting details soon.

I realise now I’m rambling for the sake of rambling!

Time to wrap this up….




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