Pizza is ruined.

All I really wanted was some pizza...


Valentine’s Squad Date!

Okay so Valentine's Day wasn't as lonely for me as I had anticipated it would be, as the squad united for an evening of food and film! (Don't worry, there's no spoilers!) So after finishing work today, I needed to rush home to get myself changed and looking presentable as I had an evening with... Continue Reading →

Happy, err…Sunday!

So it's apparently Valentine's Day, and those of us who are single are all forced to pretend to be pleased that you loved up folks have big and exciting plans for the day! Obviously I'm one of those who isn't celebrating Valentine's because, well, I'm single! However please don't talk to me about trying to... Continue Reading →

Happy Pancake Day!

The first big day of 2016 has arrived...Pancake Day! We all love pancakes! Whether you have them with lemon, syrup, sugar, Nutella or even fruit or ice cream; everyone has a favourite way of eating pancakes. Also don't forget the tossing!! Now, now don't be dirty! It's obviously a rule that flipping or 'tossing' your pancakes... Continue Reading →

Friends: Why You So Expensive?

So we all have friends....right? As much as it may come as a surprise to some, I also have friends! I love having friends - aren't they great?! But since when did maintaining a social life become so bloody expensive?! So over the past couple of weeks I've been privileged enough to have a fully... Continue Reading →

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