Pizza is ruined.


All I really wanted was pizza. Like, so bad!


Valentine’s Squad Date!

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Okay so Valentine’s Day wasn’t as lonely for me as I had anticipated it would be, as the squad united for an evening of food and film!

(Don’t worry, there’s no spoilers!)

Happy, err…Sunday!

General Ramblings

So it’s apparently Valentine’s Day, and those of us who are single are all forced to pretend to be pleased that you loved up folks have big and exciting plans for the day!

Obviously I’m one of those who isn’t celebrating Valentine’s because, well, I’m single!

However please don’t talk to me about trying to find that “special someone”, because it really makes me mad! Reason being is that I’m just not interested right now. The main thing I want in life is to be happy and secure; and it’s not always a relationship that can provide that. It all starts with loving yourself first.

So happy loving yourself day, everyone!


Celebrating one year of friendship with someone I’ve never met!

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So today happens to be Internet Friends Day, so I’ve decided hold this post off until today. That is because it has been pointed out to me that it has been a whole year since I started talking to someone who I’ve become good friends with…all online!

Happy Pancake Day!


The first big day of 2016 has arrived…Pancake Day!

We all love pancakes! Whether you have them with lemon, syrup, sugar, Nutella or even fruit or ice cream; everyone has a favourite way of eating pancakes.

Also don’t forget the tossing!! Now, now don’t be dirty!

It’s obviously a rule that flipping or ‘tossing’ your pancakes and failing miserably is a thing we all have to endure each year.

Let me know:

Are you eating pancakes today? What toppings do you enjoy with them?

Shoot me a comment below, or even send me a picture! Obviously tossing pancakes.

Happy Pancake Day, guys!


Remembering Terry Wogan…

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So earlier this week, the UK woke up to the shocking news of the loss of another national treasure: Sir Terry Wogan.

For my overseas friends, Sir Terry Wogan is considered a broadcasting legend, enjoying more than 50 years in the business. Second to this, he was essentially the face of the BBC Children In Need appeal every year since its launch in 1980.

I think it’s safe to say that this image has captured our emotions during this time.

Cheer up, Pudsey – Terry would not want that!

Rest well, Sir Terry Wogan: 1938-2016