The trouble of being in a group Whatsapp chat.

General Ramblings

So I’ve just been woken up. Nobody should wake me up. This means I’m in bed, angry typing right now.

So as it seems, I’ve chosen the wrong night to try and get an early night with plenty of rest. I have quite a nice, enjoyable evening watching that documentary on ITV where Ant & Dec met HRH Prince Charles and took a look into the work that the Prince’s Trust carries out for young people. I pack up, get changed and climb into bed.

Everything about that seems pretty normal for most, except that is slightly different from my norm; in the sense that I’ve not spent ages amending blog pages, working on my Retail Professional NVQ or discussing random topics online. It’s a nice, calming, early night. Lights out by 10:45.

Now this is where I move onto Whatsapp, the popular instant messaging service. There’s one struggle that we all have when we start group chats in Whatsapp.


Oh god hear we go….


My room lights up like a bloody floodlit football pitch as messages come streaming though.

So my question is this….

Why is it that every fucker in the group of people you chat with decide to be awake at night when you are trying to sleep, and proceed to do so throughout your attempt to get your shut-eye? And why are they NEVER around when you need your Whatsapp squad most?


Whenever you’ve been away from your phone for a sustained period of time, you always seem to come back to 300+ messages from your group. It makes you wonder how far you’ll get through them without losing your focus, or getting bored. Maybe I’m better off just not bothering to read them?


Always too many notifications…


But there’s one thing you can always count on when in a group chat, it’s that your banter level is set to extreme and there will be plenty of laughs!




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