3 Things I Want From 2016

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Okay so we’ve just about completed our first day of the new year, and I’ve spent the day trying to fix myself from the hangover I sentenced myself to during last night’s celebrations. And those feelings of pain, and my questionable relationship with vodka now hanging in the balance, I’ve been thinking about what I would like to gain from 2016. And here goes…

  1. Learn a new language – so I’ve decided that by learning a new language, I could try to become a better and well-rounded person. Even if I just donate 5 minutes of my time a day to learning a new language, I can ensure that my mind is kept active.


    I will be spending at least 5 minutes a day learning a new language through the Duolingo app. You can follow my progress at duolingo.com/rhysaphine.

  2. Learn to drive – I started this when I was back in sixth form, and ‘parked’ it when I left to go to university. However I never picked it back up. This year I want to see myself completing this!
  3. Take on new challenges – this could be something small in my every day life, or my work life or outside of work – perhaps even in this blog! It’s about taking on something new that is fulfilling.

And that’s my little snapshot of what I want to gain from 2016. Let’s call them my own little set of resolutions.

Do you have any resolutions, plans or expectations for 2016?

Happy New Year!



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