We were all adults…

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…and then the Nerf guns came out.

Yes, the Nerf gun has been introduced to the household; and I would strongly recommend investing in one should you ever come to visit. Honestly, if you want to survive…

So how did what started out as a simple gift idea for my youngest sister develop into a full blown war of tiny foam darts with an accompaniment of screams, giggles and whispers?

Let’s throw back to Christmas morning. We awake, and presents are opened. The youngest of the family, my little sister (let’s call her E) has been gifted a Nerf Rebelle Crossbow Blaster and she loves it! But wait – there’s two extra gifts that mum has set aside; one for her fiancé and another for herself. Enclosed within these are TWO MORE Nerf blasters. Yes, one each!

Let battle commence.

Nerf Rebelle Crossbow Shooter – Hasbro

I can say that the idea of a Nerf gun has never really appealed to me that much in the past. Now I realise that is because I had never actually used a Nerf gun. The war was brutal. Blue foam darts were flying around EVERYWHERE – some of them may never be seen again. My other sister and her boyfriend turned up later in the evening to the chaos and had decided that they were missing Nerf guns in their lives too.

Needless to say, they were both in Toys’R’Us for Boxing Day, buying their own guns to join in the continuing war. This left me without a weapon Oh hell no. This meant that just yesterday, I made my own little purchase – whilst trying to explain that I’m only buying because everyone else in the family has one!

Updates from the ongoing household war will continue.



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