Day 29 – Top Things On My Bucket List

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I’m not much of a bucket list person, but I do have a list of things that I’d like to accomplish. I use website to become inspired for ideas that I’d like to accomplish. Here’s a snapshot of what is listed…

  1. Take a picture, everyday for a whole year – This sounds like a challenge, and something that will take some thinking to make it successful. But it’ll be great to look back at how much a person can change throughout a year. I would also publish this as a photo album for myself.
  2. Do a Colour Run – What could be better than running in white clothing, only to get covered in powder and paint of every colour known?! That’s right up my street!
  3. Visit New Zealand – From the research I’ve done, it’s such a beautiful country. I’d love to go and explore fully.
  4. Visit Australia – While I’m there, I may as well visit the neighbours! I love Australia too, and really want to go spend some time in Sydney.
  5. Spend Christmas in New York – Yep, I want to live like they do in the movies and spend a Christmas in NYC, doing all the things that come along with it! Ice skating, Central Park…the lot!

Do you have a bucket list? Is there anything that you would love to accomplish?



One thought on “Day 29 – Top Things On My Bucket List

  1. Omg colour runs look amazing! Ive seen so many photos of friends that have done it. It would be hella fun! And I wanna go to Denmark. My dads entire family is there and i have met maybe 3 of them!

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