Day 27 – What Makes Me Feel Better, Always

31 Day Blog Challenge, Blogging Challenges

I’m a very simple human when I need to feel better. If I’m sad, I follow the steps below…

  1. Take some time away – Sometimes you just need to relax, and not see other humans.
  2. Eat chocolate, or cake – Because it’s called ‘comfort food’ for a reason.
  3. Netflix – This is the part where I become a total introvert and go on a major Netflix binge.
  4. Be happy again – Simple! Repeat if necessary.

Nice and easy recipe for happiness, which I follow whenever I feel the need. This always makes me feel 100% better, without the need to talk to others…or even see them!

Rhysaphine, the introvert.

P.S. Happy Birthday, Mum!


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