Day 15 – Timeline of my Day

31 Day Blog Challenge

Hurray, it’s Monday! Said nobody…ever! So as you may already know, I work in retail for a department store. Today, you get to come with me into my world!

7:45am – Uh-oh! I’m already running late! Time to jump out of bed and get started!

8:15am – STILL LATE! Thankfully I’m only around the corner from work so I can still run in and make it there in time.

8:30am – I’ve arrived! I’m now sat down in our meeting room ready to start the day. Our managers come in and we talk about the day ahead. Prizes are distributed to celebrate success…I didn’t get one :’-(

8:50am – I go down to the sales floor, set up the till for the start of the day, and check over the multichannel systems.

9am – Store is now open! Time to do the day job!

12pm – The most important time of day…LUNCH! As it’s Monday, it’s £1 lunch day (thanks O2 Priority) so I get my meal deal for £1 from Boots, and the chit-chat with the lady at the checkout came for free!

£1 lunch hype! #1poundlunch #o2priority #bootsmealdeal

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1pm – Back to work! I now start to organise a noticeboard to look neater, because I appreciate neatness! I also serve customers in between that…

3:30pm – Another important part of my day…and that is my break time! Yes, I get another half an hour to take a break and have a cup of tea. I work hard, I deserve this cuppa!

4pm – Back to work. The store is getting a bit quieter now, so I get to work cleaning…a clean work area is a happy work area!

5:30pm – The store is now closed. I cash up my till and close everything down.

5:45pm – It’s home time!

6pm – I arrive home, get changed and immediately faceplant my sofa.

7pm – Mum has made dinner, so I go around to her house she hands me a glass of wine and asks about my day. This never happens! She finds me boring!!

8pm – Dinner was on point! Thanks mum! xx

9pm – I’m now back at home, and Celebrity Big Brother is on TV. I am discussing this on Whatsapp with my friends.

10pm – Time to flick over to E4 for more TV which is so bad it’s addictive – that’s Young, Free and Single: Live. Anyone who follows me on Twitter knows what’s going on in this series!

11pm – Yawn. It’s bedtime! Thanks for joining me today guys!! I check to ensure that my future blog posts are scheduled correctly, and then hit the sack. See you tomorrow!



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