Day 12 – If I Won The Lottery…

31 Day Blog Challenge, Blogging Challenges

It’s a dream we all have, isn’t it? However, this is something which I had to really think about. It’s sometimes something which we all make in passing comment or to use as icebreakers when meeting new people at formal events, but nothing that I – personally – have ever thought about fully.

I suppose the thing which I would do if I won the lottery would, of course, jet off on an exotic location. I’d probably be at the airport within hours of collecting my winnings and me making my way long-haul, all-inclusive for probably a month or so…just to be fully relaxed! Following that, I would probably be a bit more practical – I’d want to be debt free, by ensuring that my student loans, etc. are all paid off, and then I would enjoy a comfortable lifestyle in my new build house!

The rest, I would invest into a business of some kind, and then I would be set for life with my income!

I would like to think I am pretty practical about these things…

What would you do? Would you be practical with your winnings, or would you go crazy?



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