Day 11 – Most Proud Moment

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Day 11! So only 20 more days left on this! First of all, apologies if you caught a peek at this post via yesterday – I must have been a bit over-excited…

So for this post, it required some thought; partly because I don’t think I am ever proud of myself! However if I have to pick a moment, it would be the first time I ever set foot on stage in my first musical performance.

When I was in High School, I was studying musical theatre and had auditioned in a role for in We Will Rock You; a musical where the songs were inspired by Queen. I was given the role of Brit, one of the supporting lead roles.

Naturally, I had always been a shy boy in school and had never really pushed myself to be noticed. Therefore stepping out onto stage in front of a theatre full of people was both the most nerve-wracking and exciting thing I had ever done!

After coming off stage at the end of the show, I knew it. The performing bug was within me. After that I auditioned for many more shows including a stage version of High School Musical (I played Ryan), and thus my confidence had grown!

I can honestly say that I wouldn’t be as confident as I am today if I hadn’t have pushed myself to perform.

Have you ever pushed yourself to do something outside your comfort zone?



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