Day 4 – Earliest Childhood Memory

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Day 4. We’re making progress quite quickly now! Today is about the earliest childhood memory I have; which to be honest, was quite a difficult thing to think of. However I have triumphed and have found the best memory I have from my younger days.

It goes back to my first ever holiday abroad I had. When I describe it to you now, it might sound pretty dull, but back in 1999 it was pretty cool! My grandparents were the first to take me away on holiday, and it was kinda like a caravanning trip in France. Honestly, I don’t remember where we went in France, but we were definitely there – we took a boat and everything!

When I say boat, I mean the classic hovercraft which was used as a method of transport to cross the channel. Oh, happy days! We were able to take the car too, which meant we would then drive to the site where we were staying. We stayed there for a week. I wasn’t the only one to go too! My grandparents also brought along my sister and my cousin!

We had an amazing time! There was a huge play area which was a massive pirate ship set in a sandpit – this was where we spent most of our time going into battle with the other kids and looking for hidden treasure. Climbing frames, swings, slides were all there – there was no excuse to leave this area at all, really!

Most details of the holiday seem to be a bit fuzzy now, but the one thing I do remember is having to take that banana flavoured medicine that nearly every child born in the 90s had to take for some ailment or another.

So there you have it, my earliest childhood memory ever comes down to taking drugs on my first abroad holiday ever – who’d have known?

What’s your earliest childhood memory?

See you tomorrow,



One thought on “Day 4 – Earliest Childhood Memory

  1. My earliest childhood memory makes me look like the most evil person ever! 😕 i was 4. And my mom uses to run a home daycare. Of course i had ti be the only girl. One day i had gotten so mad that the boys wouldnt play barbies with me so i started pulling off the barbies heads and blamed it in poor little patrick who was immediately given a time out. Patrick got me back.. He shut the vandoor on my fingers… I have never been on vacation anywhere outside of my home province so nk stories there. But that banana medicine will forever haunt me. Yuck

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