Day 3 – The Meaning Of My Screename

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Wow. Third day in already! Today I thought I’d speak with you about the meaning behind the screename I go by online.

In actual fact, my screename has always been a play on what people tend to call me. Much as if it has been assigned to me as a nickname. I will talk about how it came to be Rhysaphine a bit later, but first I wanted to say that I have had many nicknames/screenames that I have developed over many years.


Okay sounds a little random. This was also my first ever screename for the days of Bebo, but there’s more to my old Celery149 screename than most of my friends thought. Turns out I was never actually assigned a root vegetable and 3 digits to become the name people would call me online.

It started in a Year 7 IT lesson. I was sat with one of my best friends, which meant we were being really productive by exploiting the lack of internet website blocks in our school in order to create ourselves some kick-ass new profiles in the online world of Bebo and MySpace. The trick was to not get caught – it felt like we were breaking the law. 

We got to a stage where I was requested to create a screename, something which I really struggled with. Whilst speaking out loud with my friend as we brainstormed screename ideas, the almalgamation of my surname (Kelly) and the first letter of my first name (Rhys, meaning R, duh! brought together a sound that something like “Celery”. Oh and the 149? Well on the date I first signed up and opened my first Bebo account, there were only 149 days until Christmas (I’m a HUGE Christmas fan).

And there you have it – Celery149!

Rice Jelly

Once again, a play on my name. Because of the way I spell my first name, people sometimes pronounce it as “rice”. 

The second part of this screename, “Jelly”, came about because the letter J is next to the letter K on the keyboard (I know you’re looking right now), which on one tired day when doing my GCSEs led to me submitting a piece of work for “Rhys Jelly”. Oops…

I used this screename as I was growing up on Facebook, and also as my screename on MSN (gee remember that?!) I also continue to use this on Xbox Live Gold.


And the screename I use today! All the way through my high school life I had a friend who referred to me as “Rhysaphine”. This name eventually blossomed until everyone in my high school would call m by this name. What makes that really creepy is that there’s some people who I work with randomly started to call me by this name without me even having to mention it!!

This screename is something I’m happy to use virtually anywhere! It’s currently my Twitter handle, too!

Once again, that draws us to the closing of today’s post. But fear not – I’ll be back tomorrow (which could be sooner than you know it) with the next post of this challenge. Until tomorrow!



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