Day 31 – A Weird Quirk of Mine

It's the last day of this challenge! It almost feels like this has come around all too quickly. I'm going to finish this challenge off with what I would consider as a weird quirk which I have. Personally, I think it might be my humour. I am one of the most relaxed and laid back... Continue Reading →


Day 28 – Last Time I Cried

About to score some serious 'man points' here... Also, SPOILER ALERT, if you are not up-to-date with Season 5 in Game of Thrones. You have been warned... Okay the last time I cried, like many other men, women and wildlings across the world and Westeros was during the Season 5 finale of Game of Thrones.... Continue Reading →

Day 26 – 5 Favourite Blogs

This is hard, as I'm not really a blog reader...even though I'm writing in one. It just doesn't make any sense! However, going against the idea of today's task I've listed 5 places I visit online for reading purposes. Some are a mix of blogs, so that counts...right? BuzzFeed - How is it possible not... Continue Reading →

Day 23 – Pet Peeves

This is a simple, one-word answer: rudeness. There's no need for it, so don't be rude to people! I instantly turn off and take a disliking to people when they are rude. Manners cost nothing, so be polite! You're welcome. Rhysaphine

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