Day 1 – Introduction

31 Day Blog Challenge

Well here we are. Welcome to the very first day of the 31 Day Blog Challenge, and also the first post to my blog! This will be my opportunity to introduce myself…

My name is Rhys (or Rhysaphine if you see me online) and I live in Redditch, which is a town just near Birmingham, UK. At present I am 22, single (I can’t seem to find a girl who likes me) and work in retail for a department store.

Some of the things I enjoy doing include discovering new TV programmes, browsing the web, and hanging with friends. My love of the web also means I can have a tendency to overuse #hashtags in my everyday life. #sorrynotsorry. I enjoy the odd adventure and discovering new places is really exciting for me.

Anyone who does already know me or follows me on Twitter will know that I am a little random. I’ll let you read my feed to save me an awkward explanation. I like to think I’m funny (or at least a little humerous – even if I do enjoy the odd cheesy joke), and I love it when other people smile and are having a good time.

Family and friends are the most important things to me, and I love the support I get from them and the good times which we share.

Below is a pic of my gorgeous self…


Rhys Kelly/Rhysaphine


I’m really excited to be working on this blog, and can’t wait for it to become a little bit of a hobby of mine! If you think you’ll enjoy my work on this blog, please follow or subscribe to email updates to hear from me when my latest posts are live. Don’t forget, you can also comment below, and I will try to read all your comments!

Until tomorrow,



5 thoughts on “Day 1 – Introduction

    1. I'll try to come. Altough I don't consider myself as a &qqot;youngster&uuot; anymore. But I hope I'll survive a 2hours drive on my unpolished Guzzi, cause it's killing my wrists… :)BTW if U check my (mini nothing to see)Blog, U'd notice there's not much space to carry camping goods… By any chance U know a good sleeping place a la el cheapo??? Let's say ure place. Doesn't has to be next to ur wife. Carpet is ok! :))ThxJo


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